Frequently Asked Questions

Do you only have a premium group?
No, we have a free section as well. 

What’s the difference between premium and free?
The premium group gets access to at least three calls a day, different bots, education material and much more. The free group gets three calls a week and doesn’t have any bots.

How much does premium cost?
The premium group costs $75 a month. 

Can I pay using PayPal?
We prefer to be paid in crypto, but if for some reason it’s not possible, we can accept payments through PayPal.

How do I join your Premium group?
You join by hopping onto our Discord server and sending a PM to the admin. You’ll find the link here:

What happens if I want to leave?
Nothing, you’re free to leave at any given time. Just be noted that we do not offer refunds.

What happens if you raise the price?
If you paid $75 for your premium membership you will always pay $75 per month, even if we increase the price.

How much can I expect to make daily from your calls?
That is heavily influenced by the market. On good days when market is bullish it’s not uncommon to get 20-50% each day. On average we get about 10%-20% a day. On days where market is bearish we usually stop posting calls and advice people to enjoy life instead.

Can I lose money following your trades?
Of course. Technical analysis doesn’t allow us to see the future, it just helps us see the probability of something happening. We always advice people to use stop losses on their trades to minimize risk.

What’s the success ratio for your calls?
We have about a 70% success ratio on our calls. Some periods will have less, other times more.

Do you have an affiliate program?
Yes, we do. We offer 50% commission for every premium member you send us.